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Basketball FAQs

What are the dates for the upcoming season? 

Please note all dates are subject to change

  • Registration: September 1st - October 28rd (close date TBD for 13u, 15u, and 18u)
  • Player Evaluations: End of October
  • Practices Begin: After Evaluations
  • 2023-2024 Season: Games beginning December 2, 2023 and running through thru January 2023
  • End of Season Tournament: Early February 2023

When/Where are practices/games? 

  • Practices will be twice a week, Monday-Friday for 1 hour.
  • Start times can be anywhere from 6:00-8:00 pm, depending on coach and gym availability.  The younger divisions usually get earlier start times.
  • Practices will take place at Prospect Elementary School Gym. 
  • Games are generally on Saturdays, with the possibility of a few exceptions due to school closures.
  • Home games will take place at Prospect Elementary Gym
  • We generally play against South Union, Piedmont, Union Academy, Porter Ridge, Indian Trail, and Monroe.  Some of these associations play in house only in some divisions.  
  • Refer to our GYM Locations page for addresses to possible away game locations 
  • The EOS tournament will be early February 2024.

Can I request a specific practice day/time/location? What if I have a conflict with another activity? Can I request not to practice on a certain day? 

  • You cannot request to practice on a certain night.  The day(s) your team practices will be at the selection of your coach on a schedule based on gym availability and what works best for them.

I'm registering more than one child. Can I request they be on the same team even though they fall under different age divisions

  • We will review this on a case by case basis in order to ensure all children have fun and are playing in the appropriate division based on skill level. 

Can I request a teammate for carpooling purposes? 

  • We will not be honoring any requests for players to be on a team together. This is the only way to ensure competitive balance. 

My son/daughter will be trying out for the school team. What should I do? 

  • Middle School players can play both School and Rec league basketball.  High School players cannot
  • For Middle School Players: Our suggestions is to register them. The school does not ensure playing time, and every year we receive request to join after the season starts.
  • For High School Players: Please register them, and if they make the team, we will refund your fee. We had to turn players away in the prior seasons after final cuts due to a lack of coaches. Registering them will help us prepare.

What size basketball do I buy for my child? What do I set the goal height to?

  • 5u (4-5 year old)
    • Basketball Size - 25.5" (Size 4)
    • Basketball goal height - 6 feet
  • 7u (6-7 years old)
    • Basketball Size - 27.5" (Youth)
    • Basketball goal height - 8 feet
  • 9u (8-9 years old)
    • Basketball Size - 28.5" (Mid)
    • Basketball goal height - 9 feet
  • 11u (10-11 years old)
    • Basketball Size - 28.5" (Mid)
    • Basketball goal height - 10 feet
  • 13u (12-13 years old)
    • Basketball Size - 29.5" (Official/Regulation)
    • Basketball goal height - 10 feet
  • 15u (14-15 years old)
    • Basketball Size - 29.5" (Official/Regulation)
    • Basketball goal height - 10 feet
  • 18u (16-18 years old)
    • Basketball Size - 29.5" (Official/Regulation)
    • Basketball goal height - 10 feet

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